Are you looking for some good and useful mom hacks? You’ve come to the right place. This is my constantly growing list of tried and true mom hacks. These aren’t just taken from other blogs, these are all hacks that I have used in my own personal life. I hope some of these hacks are helpful for you too.

Seal it:

Keep diaper bag clothes in a sealed baggie. That way if something like juice or applesauce leaks you’ll still have clean backup clothes and a happy baby.

Keep out the wind:

Keep a cheap crib size fitted sheet in your trunk or diaper bag. If you go to a windy place you can put it over your stroller to keep sand, debris, and cold away from your baby or toddler. Because nothing ruins an outing quite like sand in your baby’s eyes. This was a life saver for our daughter at an air show that resulted in a 30 mph sand storm. As a result, she was completely free of any sand, but me not so much.

Travel clothes:

Keep those outfits that you don’t like as much in your diaper bag all the time. You know, the outfits that you always pass up for something else because you just don’t like how they look or how they fit on your baby. If a diaper leaks or blows you’ll have a change of clothes ready to go without having to pack for each outing  (usually resulting in totally forgetting that change of clothes and being up ‘you know what’ creek without a paddle.)


Make a door sign to deter visitors from ringing the doorbell or knocking when baby is sleeping. I just printed mine and laminated it so bad weather wouldn’t ruin it.  Here’s what mine says:    “Shhh… Please DO NOT knock or ring the bell.  It upsets the dog, which upsets/wakes the baby, which upsets the Mom.  Please leave all packages on the porch.  Thank you”. So feel free to click on mine and print for yourself.

Indoor ball pit fun:

Buy a cheap inflatable pool and a bag of ball pit balls and turn it into a fun, safe and entertaining ball pit for your baby or toddler. My oldest daughter loved this when she was little and now my other two littles are fans too.

‘You’re Bugging Me’ box:

When you find cheap coloring books, craft sets, or puzzles in the store just set them aside in a container hidden away from your kids. When you really need to get things done like work or dinner and they are demanding too much attention you can pull out something entertaining for them from that box. Because sometimes momma really needs to get things done!

Just make sure it’s age appropriate, something they don’t get very often and something they can do on their own without needing to ask for help every 2 seconds like they usually do.

Food shapes:

Let’s face it, if kid’s food is cut into shapes it somehow tastes better. Keep a look out for good deals on cookie cutters so you can cut their sandwiches, fruit or cheese slices for your pickiest eater.  My oldest is super picky and when she was little she constantly complained about her lunches until I began cutting them into hearts and butterflies. After I started cutting her sandwiches into shapes she always finished her food. Magic right? LOL

DIY Visual toys for infants:

Don’t waste money on store bought visually stimulating toys for your infant, they outgrow them so fast. Instead, recycle clear plastic containers like a creamer container. Clean it out and add things like dried pasta, glitter, pom poms, etc. Seal the lid with glue and you have a cheap DIY beginner toy for your baby.

**This can also be a fun activity for toddlers to make as a craft as well and can even become maracas if they add noisy items inside the container.

Hands free breast pumping:

For hands free pumping don’t waste your money on expensive store bought pumping bras. Try cutting holes for the flanges in a fitted tank top and sit back and relax during your pumping session. 

All purpose heat/cold packs:

These heat/cold packs were designed for postpartum use but I have found them to be excellent all purpose heat/cold packs. They are the perfect shape to mold to injuries on knees, arms, legs, etc. They have come in handy many times for my whole family.

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