My Review of the Owlet Smart Sock

**Updated to include use of new Owlet Smart Sock 2 with video Camera also**

This is my first review and I wanted it to be on a product that I have loved the most. Hands down my favorite baby product has been the Owlet Smart Sock baby monitor. I know its expensive ($300), but it is worth every penny in my opinion.  We bought this for our second daughter (this wasn’t around when my oldest was born but I sure wish it had been) and used this from day one with her. This sock has enabled me to get so much more sleep with so much less worry knowing it will alert me if something is wrong.

So what is it and how does it work?

So what is the Owlet? It’s a baby monitor that uses pulse oximetry to measure the baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate while they sleep.  It’s meant to alert you if their levels go out of the normal range so that you can intervene and potentially save their life.  The Owlet will give different color alerts with sound to let you know if something is wrong or if there is an issue with the sock. A blue notification will let you know if the sock is too far away from the base or the signal is being blocked. A yellow notification will let you know the sock has fallen off or isn’t placed correctly. We used to get a ton of these but Owlet redesigned the sock and it hasn’t fallen off since. A red notification lets you know the baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels have gone outside the normal limits.

The Owlet also has an app for your phone so you can see what your baby’s readings are in real time. We even took this on vacation with us. We didn’t bother to stress over finding wifi to connect through the app but the sock still connected to the base station with its own Bluetooth capabilities so it still monitored our baby regardless of the app. This is also awesome when your home wifi goes out.  You won’t be able to get into the app but the base will still connect to the sock.

They also have great customer service and I have always been pleased with the help I get from them. We had an issue where the sock electronics were having charging issues sometimes. I called customer service and they immediately sent out new parts. And when our sock ripped they sent us a replacement.  Their customer service people are always nice and always do their best to fix the problem.

False alerts?

Now it’s NOT perfect, no machinery is. We have received a few false alerts in the past but I’d rather get false alerts than no alert when it matters the most. And honestly, most of our false alerts were with the old sock falling off, which as I said has been redesigned. We actually got picked to beta test the new design last year and give our feedback which was very cool.

Is it worth it?

Overall I am extremely pleased with this product and it was by far the best purchase we made for our daughter. The amount of peace I had while she slept was amazing. One day I hope all new babies can have one of these. In my opinion the Owlet Smart Sock is 100% worth the cost. It’s amazing to me that technology has come so far to enable us to monitor our children at home.  If they made an adult version I’d seriously buy it for my husband who has mild sleep apnea.

***I do have a tip for you though… purchase this within 3-4 weeks of your due date, not sooner. Owlet offers a 1 year warranty on parts so you want that to be good until your baby is almost 1 year old and out of the dangerous SIDS risk window.  Don’t buy it too soon or you’ll waste the warranty while not using it.

** Update…  About 10 Months ago I had my last baby (#3) and purchased the new version of the Owlet (the Smart Sock 2).  My opinions about the Owlet are still the same. I love it. It makes me feel so much better knowing the Owlet is monitoring my baby when I’m asleep. The only difference now is that I also purchased the Owlet Camera with it. Now I can not only see my baby’s vitals but live video feed as well. There’s even historical data in the app so you can see how your baby slept all night. It’s still new and I can tell they are still working out kinks but Owlet is great about notifying customers immediately if they are experiencing any difficulties. And their customer service is still top notch. I still highly recommend the Owlet and wish everyone with babies could have one.

You can buy this direct from the company at or Amazon sells it now and you can get that from this link:



*I was NOT paid by the manufacturer for this review (but hey, if Owlet wants to reach out to me to do a promotion or coupon code I’d be totally interested. Wink, Wink! ). I do, however, have Amazon affiliate links so I would get a small commission if you bought this from my link to Amazon at no extra cost to you, but I love the product so much I don’t care which option you go with.  

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