DIY Dress Up Station for Under $35

DIY Dress Up Station for Under $35

We searched for so long for a DIY dress up station idea for our daughter’s costumes.  I looked all over Pinterest and google for cheap ideas for storing her dresses and accessories. Everything was either too expensive, attached permanently to the wall, or was a wood working project. We know nothing about wood working so those were not an option for us and I didn’t want anything permanent. One day we were at IKEA for other things and I came across their Rigga clothing rack.  This rack’s height is adjustable and lowered down to a height my daughter could reach. It was perfect for her outfits (and only cost $13) but had nowhere to store accessories. Then in the same area we found their Skubb boxes with compartments and two fit perfectly across the bottom of the rack so we bought them (those were $8 each).

When we got it all home we put the rack together and put the two Skubb boxes across the bottom of the Rigga rack and secured them with Velcro. I also had a spare closet hanging organizer (IKEA’s Skubb hanging organizer) that I hung on the rack and cut off the excess. The added storage offered places for accessories like wigs, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, glasses, etc.

This DIY dress up station has really worked out perfectly.  It’s not too big or too small. And it holds ALL of our daughters dress up apparel. Another bonus is that it’s on wheels and portable so if we need to host guests in the play room it can easily be rolled out to make room and rolled back in when done. So many of the options I saw online were converted dressers or bookcases.  They are super cute but not easily moved and tend to have small areas for toddler dresses with no room to expand as the costumes get larger. That’s the beauty of this rack, it can grow with your child even until they are teens and want extra hanging space.

This whole thing cost us only $29 (I already had the hanging organizer but if I had to buy it again they are only $5 so the total would be $34 not including taxes).   I know not everyone has an IKEA near them so I will link other Amazon alternatives below.  You can get creative with the accessory storage too.  Maybe check out thrift shops or use a coupon at a craft store.  You could even cut down diaper boxes and cover in pretty paper or fabric. There really is no limit to this project.  Maybe paint the rack to match the room’s decor or add hooks for belts. Have fun with it.

Let me know in the comments below if you try this DIY dress up station project and how it’s working out for your little ones.

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